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Piano Tuning
& Repair

Hammers and Keys

Experienced, Trustworthy, Reliable, Reachable Piano Services

We can't recommend Mark Freitas enough! We are so lucky to have such an experienced and talented piano tuner/technician in our community. 

Visit Piano Tuning and Repair in Waxahachie, TX - MusiCrafts to learn more about Mark's services he offers and to connect with him for all your piano needs. You are in good hands!

"I learned the trade of piano tuning and repair while working at Whitney Music Center in Willmar, MN. As the resident Piano Technician for eight years, I tuned, regulated, and repaired various consignment pianos as well as new and used floor models. Our regional clientele included churches, homes, schools, and theaters across West Central, MN. The pianos ranged from spinets to full uprights (many 100+ yr/olds), baby grands, grands, a 9-foot concert grand, and antique and square grands from the mid-late 1800s. I gained our client's trust by providing outstanding customer service, being willing to tackle most any project, and providing meticulous attention to detail in tuning, mechanical and musical performance. I’m now an independent tuner/technician, serving the greater Ellis County, Texas area. I love meeting a wide variety of wonderful people, their pianos and pets, teaching them about their amazing instrument, and helping them to enjoy their musical pursuits. As a member of the Dallas, Texas Chapter of the Piano Technician’s Guild, I uphold the PTG’s Code of Ethics. This guarantees a high standard of professional quality services and business practices."      ~Mark Freitas, M.C.M.

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